Reverend Paul Paiva is a former Roman Catholic priest with an eclectic spiritual background whose passion is to create fun, upbeat, romantic and/or spiritual ceremonies, tailor-made to your personality and style.


  • Ceremony Planning We will together co-create your ceremony.
  • Officiating As an entertainer and story-teller I will enchant your guests with the beauty of your love story. They will be mesmerized and at the edge of their seats.
  • Pre-Marital Preparation
    • Enneagram Instruction
    • Pre-Marital Preparation

The key to an amazing ceremony is
having an entertaining officiant who takes the time to know you personally

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Ceremony Planning

  • Phone Call – We chat for 5-10 minutes and I give you an overview of the process.
  • 1st Meeting – Introductory, get acquainted meeting. We meet for lunch or dinner or a beverage. I hear your expectations and you get a feel for my personality and style, and I get a feel for yours. This is a no-obligation meeting.
  • Afterwards you are encouraged to go home and talk to at least a couple of other potential officiants. If you feel like you resonate with my style, then you contact me in a few days and we officially reserve your date on the calendar.
  • Prior to 2nd Meeting – Think about what you envision for your wedding ceremony. List anything you want to include or exclude. Bring these ideas to the 2nd meeting.
  • 2nd Meeting – Here we plan all the details of your wedding, from walking up the aisle to the applause at the end. No need to bring paper or pencil or laptop. Although we allocate three hours for this meeting, time flies by because we have a lot of fun. Couple brings their ideas/visions on how the wedding ceremony should take place. We will discuss music, vows, and any special rituals or effects you want. I will draw from my experiences of doing many weddings and makes suggestions based on your personalities. The goal is to collaborate and create a ceremony that embodies your energy and style. I’m here to help you discover what your style is, in the event you are looking for some direction.
  • Prior to 3rd Meeting – I will write up a detailed document that describes the whole wedding ceremony, like a choreography. Then I email this to you so you can review and mark-up before the next meeting.
  • 3rd Meeting – Finalize details, make changes where necessary. Then I will interviews you about who you are, how did you meet, etc. You can share as much or as little as you are comfortable with. This is a crucial meeting which allows the wedding day to be very personalized.
  • We can have a 4th meeting if necessary for more complex ceremonies, no extra fee.
  • Meetings can optionally take place over lunch or dinner. These are fun meetings because I want to hear about how the two of you met, your interests, and your values. I will take notes so that I can make references during the talk at your celebration.


Ceremony I will work with you to create the wedding ceremony of your dreams. Contact me to schedule a no obligation meeting to discuss what is possible when we co-create. Services included - Planning as described above - Officiating - Pre-Marital Preparation using the Enneagram and (This is FUN, couples love this!) 1st half payable to begin services 2nd half payable by day of ceremony - Travel fee for distances greater than 30 miles one-way - Lodging fee for distances greater than 90 minutes one-way - Rush fee for ceremonies within 8 weeks.