Presentations & Workshops

Team Building

  • 1.5 to 3 hour interactive presentation and discussion.
    • Beforehand, we have a thirty minute phone or in-person consultation to understand your team’s dynamics. I will tailor-make an interactive team building presentation.
  • Overview of the exciting personality tool known as the Enneagram.
  • How this tool can be used for for knowing better yourself and others.
  • You will gain great insight into your fellow team-members’ personality, motivations, blind spots, and triggers.
  • What you learn amongst yourselves can then be used with other teams or with clients.

Enneagram 101 Overview

  • 45 - 120 minutes. The longer the session, the more material can be covered, the greater the knowledge retention.
  • This can be scheduled as a “lunch and learn”.
  • Dynamic, lively presentation of what the Enneagram is and how it can be beneficial as a tool for personal growth and knowing others around you.
  • At the end of this overview, participants may have a whetted appetite for continued Enneagram study, either on their own or via workshops offered by me or other Enneagram instructors in the community.

Enneagram Workshop

  • 9 weeks, 2 hours each session.
  • Each session will include lecture and interaction with participants, concentrating on a given type.
  • Depending on the focus of your organization, we can choose an efficacious book for participants. The workshop will mirror the book and give clarity to the concepts.
  • Each session includes a panel of 2-4 persons to showcase a given type’s energy. This helps participants to solidify their newfound knowledge of this type.
  • At the end of this workshop, participants will be well into their personal growth journey, equipped with their personal “growth map”, and will be learning about the types/journeys of their fellow teammates, customers, and even their friends and family.

Personalized Enneagram Consultation with Paul

(for an individual or a couple)

30 mins free initial phone consultation. 90 mins in-depth Enneagram typing consultation, $120

  • Jumpstart your Enneagram journey with tailored instruction for you.
  • Compatibility analysis. If you are single and seeking a partner, this can help you to identify and target the types of people that you want.
  • If you are a couple, this can help you two to identify and bring clarity to the ways you interact best, and how to navigate the areas where you don’t.
  • At its essence, the Enneagram is a personal growth tool. As such, on one can tell you your type, nor can an online test tell you your type. Tests can give you insights about your type, but ultimately it is your responsibility to take ownership of your type via this rewarding journey.
  • Through engaging discussion I will include giving my observations of what your type may be. 90% of individuals are typed by the end of this session. If your type is not determined, you will be given the tools necessary to journey on this road of self-discovery.
  • Identifying your type opens you up to a huge growth map. It is a beautiful, ongoing journey that is compatible with other spiritual traditions and psychology.
  • Learning how the Enneagram can be a vast tool of growth includes learning your wings, paths of growth and stress, triad, levels of growth, and your instinctual variant stack (some call this subtypes).